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3 Easy Easter Crafts

Here are some cute, easy and not so messy craft for indoor fun with The Kiddos.

Open in case of rain. Or when the chokkie runs out.

1. Egg Decorating

Of course you can get carried away with the whole dyeing process if you’re up to it. Kidspot have an easy looking how-to post here┬áif you’re brave enough. Personally I’m all for a bit of colouring in with texta! Then apply your Kiddos favorite stickers. TIPS: Make sure the stickers are small enough so they don’t ripple; buy white eggs as they will colour better than the organic free range brown ones; and hard boil the eggs first (duh!).

2. Paper Envelope Bunnies

So simple and super cute! All you need is some coloured bits of paper – recycle old wrapping paper or alfoil – glue and textas.

Then fill it up with treats!

3. Easter Egg Garland

Raid the stationary cupboard for coloured paper, sticky dots – use the shiny foil ones from the newsagent for a bit of sparkle – hole punch and a bit of strong or ribbon.

What kind of crafting do you and The Kiddos do at Easter?

Kate xx

(feature image: 99 Craft)

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