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Easter Tablescape Inspiration

I’m a sucker for a pretty table. It’s a sickness. The Martha within? Yup, she is strong.

Every time an “occasion” comes around, I drive my family insane. Correction – they think I’M insane.

And I am, temporarily.

Insane with the endless possibilities of napery, centerpieces, flowers and trims. Spending hours on Pinterest devouring “references”.

I get some sort of sick satisfaction from staying up late at night, when everyone’s asleep – and decorating the table.

So today I thought I’d share some of my insanity with you all, from last year’s family Easter lunch at home.

4678Daliahs are so gorgeous at this time of year, and the fuschia pink ones get me every time. I am a firm believer in clashing colours.  – pink, orange and yellow are such a happy combo, don’t you think?! The checked tablecloth is actually a 1m piece of cotton fabric I had in the cupboard. Probably originally bought from Spotlight. Just whiz around the edge with a sewing machine and you’ve got yourself an instant table runner.


Nanna’s crystal and silverware always gets unleashed at family gatherings. It’s my inheritance. Some people get boring bonds. I prefer sparkly crystal and silver.

Those papier mache chicks and eggs with the sweet flower print? Found them at Bed Bath Table on SALE (why can’t I ever find big ticket items on sale too?)


I must have ACRES of ribbon in my sewing room. Lots of it is pre-cut into short lengths to tie around napkins. Don’t be afraid to mix stripes, spots, florals and checks!


Now – contrary to my family’s cries of “oh Katie, you go to too much trouble!” – none of this “fuss” takes very long to whack together at all. Pick a colour scheme, tie a few old ribbons around napkins, chuck on a bright tablecloth, add a bunch of contrasting flowers and mounds of  chocky eggs in shiny foil (that I know you have extra packets of, hidden up the back of  the pantry).


It’s super easy. Just be sure to allow 30mins more than you usually would to “dress” the table. Or do it by stealth at night, and sneak more eggs, like I do!

Do you dress up your table for Easter?

Kate xx

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  1. Tam #

    Beautiful table GM. I love table settings too. Sometimes the setting is better than my food…

    March 27, 2013

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