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Happy International Women’s Day

Today we officially celebrate women’s success, and are also reminded of inequities still to be redressed.

I love reading stories about all kinds of inspirational women, their achievements and their lives.

So in honor of IWD, here are a couple of Glamour Mamas who are inspiring me right now.

Tara Moss

(image: The Age & Tara Moss)

(image: The Age & Tara Moss)

Author of 9 best selling novels, TV presenter, journalist, wife, mother to 2 year old Sepphira, UNICEF Patron for Breastfeeding for BFHI, Jackie E ambassador, doctoral student, self confessed geek, feminist, new embracer of retro style and social media whiz. (Wait. There are more. Check out more of Tara’s achievements here)

Don’t judge this book by her cover. She is arrestingly beautiful, glamazonian in height and terrifyingly sexy. This woman oozes charisma. In fact, she could be a character in one of her crime novels. Upon meeting Tara however (once your breathing returns to normal and you collect yourself) her media savvy, quick wit and whip smart intellect dazzle. I’ve had the pleasure to work with her often over the past 12 years or so, and she is an admirably strong, articulate, sassy and fun force who isn’t shy about voicing her passion for causes and issues.

I applaud Tara’s brand of feminism worn with heels and a damn good frock.

Today she is lunching with the PM… let’s just say that Julia better try not to choke on her chicken when la Moss brings up the recent single parent payment cuts!

Follow Tara’s blog and on social media here

Carolyn Creswell

Founder of Carmen’s Kitchen, mother of 4 children under age nine, wife, listed on BRW Rich List and winner of many business accolades (check them out here). Carolyn is also an active board member for Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Foundation, which works to get kids into the garden and the kitchen, so they appreciate the origins of fresh food.

I heard Carolyn interviewed on Mix 106.5 FM this morning, and I was struck by how humble and down to earth she sounded. She started her business 20 years ago with $1000 and no formal business training. Today her muesli based products are stocked in 32 countries around the globe. I’ll just bet you have one of her healthy muesli bars in your cupboard! Her entrepreneurial spirit is inspiring enough, let alone doing it with 4 kids in tow. Not surprising then that she is a strong advocator for supporting working mothers. When asked on radio this morning what business advice she could give listeners, she answered “when things don’t go as expected, it’s about how you deal with it and how you handle yourself”.

Bravo. Love her. And her muesli.

Which Aussie women are inspiring you at the moment?

Kate xx

(feature image: Facebook)

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