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Loungewear to Sparkle in

It’s been a few years since I hung up my disco stilettos and replaced them with fluffy pink Glamour Mama slippers.
I loved every minute of my dance floor days. I can’t remember some of them, but I know I had a great time.
I’m happy to say that this Mardi Gras (and probably most of the future ones), I will be cheering on my gay friends and dance floor divas from the comfort of my lounge room.
 In honor of this fun and festive night in, I shall be wearing this sparkly ensemble…
Sequin Hoodie by Met

Sequin Hoodie by Met

Derek Lim sequinned silk track pants

Derek Lim sequinned silk track pants

“Babi Gras” is what I call Mardi Gras night when you’re home with a very hungry 4 month old and a sleep challenged 2 1/2 year old.

Oddly, there are some similarities. Crazy times, Mamas. Here’s what I wrote about “Babi Gras” 2012….

The dance floor classic move “bump n grind” is replaced by “shhh, pat, rock” as I sway rhythmically next to the podium, I mean coffee table.
I may not be able to hear the disco anthems above The Baby’s cries at arsenic hour.
The Early Show will probably involve a screaming aria from The Toddler “Mummy I Woke Up” at 9pm. Followed by the main event at Midnight with a special guest appearance by The Baby for her Dream Feed. The night lights will glow like laser sticks till the highly anticipated 3am Show, when we’re right zonked. No, not Kylie – The Toddler will star in her encore performance “Cant get U Outa my Bed”, with back up dancing and re-mixed tunes by The Baby “Wake me Up”.
Eventually after lots of jigging about, we’ll all shuffle off at around 5am as the misty day dawns, ears ringing, heads thumping, voices hoarse, some details a little foggy and feeling a little worse for wear… exhausted but happy.
If only I could sneak in the recovery sleep party the next day!!!

"Gay Worm". The Preschoolers fave toy.

Wishing all my friends and Glamour Mamas a happy, safe and fun Mardi Gras 2013.
 Kate xx
(featured image: Nomads World)
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  1. Boogie on Glamour Mama. Those children will have the moves before they hit big school!

    March 12, 2013
    • Luckily we have the same disco taste in music! GM

      March 12, 2013

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