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Interiors: Olde meets New

I love old buildings rich in architecture, history and character. A bit dinged around the edges and can tell a story or two.

But I also love uber glamorous glossy shiny sparkly surfaces, hi-tech gizmos and a lot of modern luxury.

So interior design that cleverly melds the grandeur of yesteryear, with all the sleekness of today’s world always catches my eye.

It’s a combination that can wind up looking like the crazy cat lady went shopping at Ikea.

This one doesn’t. This mad old dame got style…


Shiny stainless steel against old timber. Sumptuous marble against rustic exposed beams and unfinished brickwork. My Thermomix would fit right in here!

Glamourdadi LOVES him a Chesterfield couch. I usually diss them as being too old-buggery. However this one could be the perfect compromise! Wonder how it would look with vegemite handprints all over it…


Somehow the space age chairs and ornate Rococco gilded frames are calmed down by all the roughness of the raw timber, rustic surfaces and neutral colour palette.

I have just become obsessed by diamond tufted upholstery. Suddenly I want ottomans. Chesterfield couches. And bedheads. Just like this one.

Dreaming of finding me ye olde warehouse to convert into sumptuous modern luxury.

And filling it with fabulous white furniture.

Including the Chesterfield.

What interior design do you covet when the Kiddos no longer have sticky fingers?

Kate xx

(images and source: Design Rulz)

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