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8 Dresses that make a Splash Poolside

Along with school returning last week, so did The Swimming Lessons.

I found myself at the local pool no fewer than 3 times last week, and each time I stood in front of a wardrobe that contains not ONE pool friendly outfit.

NOT one over-sized loose dress in tee-shirt fabric that can be shrugged on quickly whilst wrangling a dripping, squirming Baby who was screaming because she was having a BALL and someone dared to remove her. Not ONE loose cotton shirt dress shift that looks crisp and cool whilst clutching the said upset Baby whilst attempting to locate goggles on the bottom of the pram for a melting down Preschooler anticipating the dreaded forthcoming “unders”.

Togs, yes (check out Swimsuits to Flatter Mama Tums)… but no dress.

So here is my list of what to look for in a dress that will make a glamorous poolside splash.

Plus some great pool dresses to shop now.


L-R clockwise from top L: Betty Basics Florence Dress at Birdsnest $29.95, Sunseeker white dress $79.95 at Sunburn Swimwear, Seafolly Kirra dress $139.95 at Sunburn Swimwear, Inka dress by Living Doll at The Iconic $34.97

no zips, tied necklines, clip fastenings or button closures… So you can literally shrug it on with one hand tied behind your Toddler.

* loose and oversized... so it can be thrown over wet swimmers and not stick to you. Like an enormous car cover.

* absorbency … to soak up the glamour of motherhood. Look for soft cotton jersey tee-shirt material, or light weight cotton voile.

* not too long…  wet hemlines dragging through chlorine puddles are just ick; not to mention dangerous.

* not too short… so you don’t flash your lady bits whilst bending over to adjust googles/ floaties/ wipe boogies etc.

* keep it fun… go for bright colour, bold prints, nautical stripes or fresh white. Because, this is supposed to be a happy place. Dress for success!?


L-R clockwise from L: Boho Australia ornate dress $69 at Stylefast, Lily Whyt mint print at Stylefast $59.95, Sunny Girl Lemon Twist $59.95 at Stylefast, Boho Australia Paisley dress $59.95 at Stylefast 

 What’s your favorite dress to throw on at the pool?

Kate xx

(feature image: Amanda del Luca)

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