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9 Steps for Closet Cleansing

We are at that weird limbo time in the fashion cycle where what’s left on the rack from last season, just ain’t worth rummaging for. Even if it is discounted by 70%. And what IS on the rail for next season… well, it’s sparse, vague and still too hot to begin thinking about.

So what’s a gal to do whilst we wait for Winter stock to refresh our shopping carts?

By Georgio Armani, I’ve got it… we shop our own wardrobes!

The Preschooler goes back to “school” today and I’m making the most of my morning by issuing an immediate closet cleanse. Plus all this rain has sprung a new leak in the WIR, so the contents of my wardrobe are now inhabiting my bedroom floor. So I’m already half way there…


(image credit: Hooked on Houses)

Here’s the plan…

Step 1. DUMP... Pull everything out of your wardrobe and dump it on your bed. Literally. In a heap. Like your Mum always told you NOT to. Liberating, yes?!

Step 2. CLEANSE… grab some products and clean that mother of a cupboard. Rinse with vinegar water, spritz with lavender laundry spray, add some cedar balls and line drawers with lavender scented drawer paper. There. Clean slate. Blank canvas. How good is this?!

Step 3. SHOP… Now, I challenge you to stand in front of your bed, pull out ITEMS you love, look good on you AND make you feel great. Tall order? Yes, it’s supposed to be. Be honest! Pretend you are your own best friend. Or better still, your worst enemy. Be brutal. Call your BFF and ask… does my bum look big in this?!

Step 4. STYLE UP… pretend you’re Rachael Zoe and “pull” one look together. Head to toe. Go on. Start with the main items – jeans, a top, a blazer. Then add some accessories and see what “works”. Don’t forget those undies that won’t shadow a VPL, the bra that’s the same colour as the top, a belt, shoe, handbag, jewelry… Head. To .Toe. As if you were going to be photographed for a magazine. Hard isn’t it?! Once you get the hang of it though, you won’t be able to stop. Pretend like you’re raiding someone else’s dress up box. Have some fun and experiment.

Step 5. PHOTO… Once you’ve got ONE *look* together, lay it on the floor (fashion mags call this “flat lay”) and take a photo. If you’re really getting carried away right now, then you might want to store it in an APP like Stylish Girl, so that your Baby Brain can remember what you did. Repeat with as many *looks* as you can.

Step 6. MAKE A LIST… When you see a “gap” (oh this outfit would be perfect if only I had a purple feathered jeweled belt!), write it down on your shopping list. Really consider underwear, accessories and the classics… it’s craazy how our selective wardrobe vision overlooks basic essentials. I mean, how can you LIVE without a white man style shirt/ trench coat/ grey marle tee/ black beret??!!!

Step 7. HANG… I like to hang by category. All the pants together, dresses, tops and so on. Then (and here’s the good bit)… colour code ladies!! It may be the ole retailer in me, but geez I love nothing more than a veritable rainbow of uniform hues staring back at me from my wardrobe in the morning. And invest in some wooden hangers, people! Join me (as Joan Crawford/ Mommy Dearest) in my quest to rid the world of wire and plastic hungers!! UH-GLEE!

Step 8. THROW… OUT the stuff that’s not hanging up. If it didn’t make the cut, it doesn’t fit, doesn’t suit your body or you just don’t like it. RELEASE IT. Let it go. To the thrift store, the garbage bin or a happier home. Just get rid of it. Trinny & Suzannah would be proud.

carrie closet

(image credit: Champagne Runway)

Ahhh… feeling lighter?

Now your closet must be at least half as full. Meaning half the space lays empty waiting to be filled up with gorgeous new things from the upcoming Winter season!

What’s your best tip for cleaning out your wardrobe?

Kate xx

(Feature image: Levo League)

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  1. Vivienne Beddoe #

    Great! I should have been doing this for the last fifty years. Guess it’s not too late to start.

    January 30, 2013
    • Never too late to detox that wardrobe Vivienne… I’d love to hear what treasures you rediscover!

      January 30, 2013

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