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Healthy Lunchbox Recipes

After 6 (or more) looong weeks, finally The Kiddos are going back to school.

*Collective sigh of relief*

Well, mine aren’t school age yet, but even still, I get really bored packing the same old lunches to take to the playground. And I refuse to buy sugar laden processed crap. Because it’s not easier, it’s just asking for trouble when the hidden sugar kicks in. And let’s face it, who can keep up with the ever changing palette of a Toddler? Not me.


(image: Kidspot)

So, here are my go-to sites for healthy lunchbox inspiration.

Basically if it looks like junk food (think: pizza, sausage roll), is fun (think: scroll, cookie cutter shapes) or you can hide veggies in it  (think: pasta bakes), it’s a winner.

Check these sites out for some clever recipes to keep those lunchboxes coming home empty…


(image: Taste)


Stay at Home Mum Blog


Happy lunch packing!

What is your Kiddos favorite lunchbox special?

Kate xx

(feature image credit: Kidspot)

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  1. Hi Kate. Yesterday I made zucchini brownie slice in the TM. Riley loves it! Today it’s Magic Bean Chocolate Cake (made with kidney beans) and chickpea chocolate chip cookies. I’m feeling very sneaky! Tricia

    January 28, 2013
    • Ooh they sound very sneaky indeed Tricia… Will have to get the recipes!

      January 28, 2013

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