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5 Nursing Covers

We all have an opinion on breastfeeding in public. Even Channel 7’s Kochie, it seems.

So, in honor of this week’s raging topic, we’ve found some of the “classiest” nursing Covers around.

They’ll save you from inadvertently flashing a nork, squirting milk at innocent passersby and protect you and your baby from perverts and gawkers.┬áMind you, a good ole muslin wrap, pashmina, scarf, poncho or kaftan also will do the trick!

The first time I breastfeed in public, I almost had an anxiety attack. As I juggled the squirming, squealing, refluxy newborn, I worried if the all important “position” was right, tried to figure out if she was “latched” or not, and wondered if my milk was “letting down” yet? It took all the concentration of disarming a nuclear bomb. Whilst trying not to suffocate The Baby under the layers of pashmina.

Then, horror of horrors… the wind blew away my protective pashmina. I almost died of embarrassment. Then, The Baby simultaneously vomited and pooped all over me.

So shut up Kochie. We have bigger issues to deal with.

If you do like to cover up, then these ones are pretty. And classy. And they can’t blow off in the wind.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How did you manage breastfeeding in public?

Kate xx

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