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3 Glamorous Things To Do

Recently, Glamourdadi unexpectedly took the Kiddos out for Three. Whole. Hours.


My mind whirred through the long list of viable options of things to do, which mostly involved urgent and important household duties (yawn). At which point I’d normally collapse on the couch where I’d remain remote in one hand, tub of ice cream in another.

Not this time. My strategy was to move quickly and decisively.

Here’s what I did…

1. I Ran.

I ran so far away from the pile of dishes in the kitchen, I ran around the obstacle course of toys, I ran past the growing mountain of laundry and I most certainly ran from my wardrobe which had overnight spewed forth a new batch of clothing to fold, sort and organise. I pulled on those running shoes and I literally ran as far away from the house as I could. To exercise without one, or both of  The Kiddos hanging off me was heavenly.


(image credit: PR Blonde)

2. I Booked a Massage

Obvious, I know. But after not exercising for aaages, my body literally went into shock. So I reached for the Neurofen, then phone. Luck was on my side and before I could say “frozen back” my favorite masseuse silently to work pummeling out those knots.


ask for Sarah Strachan at Pure Botanicals Newtown (image credit: cudo)

3. I Shopped

Still high from the massage euphoria, in that wonderfully hazy state of bliss… this is the best way to shop. It heightens the shopping buzz and leads you dream-like like into a quirky store you never noticed before although you’ve walked past it a hundred times. And finds you a new hat that’s so perfect that you couldn’t have dreamt it better yourself. Even if you were high on peyote in the desert, not just massage euphoria in Newtown.

What do you do when you unexpectedly find yourself without the Kiddos?

Kate xx

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