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Postcards from Paradise

Don’t you just love Summer beach holidays?!

Especially this year as we’re actually having a proper hot one.

A Summer beach holiday for me always includes a trip to Ma and Pa’s, which is where The Kiddos and I hung out last week.


 There is something very special about this coastal paradise… perhaps it is the 9 miles of pristine surf beach, the breathtaking cliffs, the ability to find a car park whenever you need one and the nearest sunbather’s towel being located farther than 20cms away. The apricot coloured curtains in my childhood bedroom have long gone (phew!), but not much else here changes.

I love that the neighbors still know my name and now know my Kiddos names too.


A visit to Ma and Pa’s is always filled with loads of love, champagne, great food, laughter and a constant stream of visitors. Then there is the added excitement of The Chooks, The Dog, freshly laid eggs in the morning, daily visits to The Beach, gathering of  home grown veggies, baking with Nonni and collecting seashells.

Sounds idyllic?! Far from it in fact…

The trip started *glamorously* with a nappy explosion of mammoth proportions at the end of a long drive which required hosing, disinfecting and much Verve. And so it continued… a heavily teething and narky Baby, a sea lice afflicted itchy Preschooler, bedtime tantrums of uber dramatic proportions, restless sleep from all capped off with one of the worst heatwaves on record. The afternoon thunderstorms were a welcome relief to most of us. Except The Dog and The Preschooler who did their best to out-howl each other.


I did however manage ONE solitary beach walk, a long boozy lunch with two of my oldest and bestest girlfriends plus a mother daughter mani.

And champagne. Lots of champagne.

Ma and Pa are probably still recovering.

I know I am!

Kate xx

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