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Beat the Heat: Makeup Meltdown. Averted.

With temperatures set to soar again in the coming days, just how do we save our faces from a full blown meltdown? Here’s how to achieve a flawless finish, rather than an oil slick mess.

1. Use Fewer Products: there will be less mess to slide off your face. Ditch the heavy melting pot of moisturisers, use a tinted sunblock instead. Try: Dermalogica Sheer Tint


2. Use a Primer: they are incredibly light, holds the makeup in place and suck up the oily sheen. Try Napoleon Auto Pilot

3. Waterproof mascara: just like at weddings, this is your BFF. And skip the lower lashes, what’s the point?! Try Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion

4. Ditch the Kohl and liquid eyeliner, use a Gel instead, they have more staying power. Try Maybelline Eye Studio

5. Blotting Paper: these are designed to suck up the oil not the makeup, so blot regularly before re-applying. Try Blooms

6. Go for a lip stain rather than a heavy lipstick or goopy sticky gloss. Try Smashbox

What’s your favourite hot weather face fix?

Kate xx

(featured image credit: Our Vanity)

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  1. Although its currently snowing here in the UK I still think these are great tips, i’ll have to remember them when summer comes around 🙂

    January 16, 2013
    • Thanks for your comment, you are welcome to reblog come northern hemisphere Summer! Enjoy the snow and hot chocolate season. GM

      January 20, 2013
  2. Rochelle Jang #

    Try a spray of face mist , Evian or Sukin are both great!

    January 20, 2013
    • Ahh thanks for the great tip Rochelle will be trying this next hot day! GM

      January 21, 2013

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