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Beat the Heat: Coconut Water

Today is going to be a scorcher. We are staying indoors with the air con cranked right up.

And sipping coconut water.

Coconut water is the wonder food of the moment with Hollywood stars gulping it by the gallon. Glamour Mamas Madonna, Miranda and JLo are onto it. Health benefits apparently include speeding up our metabolism which means it helps with weight loss, doesn’t contain fat or sugar, promotes healthy digestion, boosts our immune system PLUS it has amazing natural electrolytes that makes it super hydrating.

Perfect for days like today.

image (1)

Whole baby coconuts are readily at most supermarkets. Just hack one open and drink fresh from the fruit! Or you can buy it bottled (just beware of ¬†the “flavored” stuff – it has sugar added and not the real deal). The novelty of drinking from a fresh coconut is a huge hit with The Kiddos, plus it’s healthy for them.

I’ll be making coconut water¬†popsicles today YUM.

How are you keeping cool in this heat wave?

Kate xx

(source: Kora Organics)

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