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Doomsday Outfit. Sorted.

I woke up wondering why I bothered to do the Christmas shopping at all, cleaned the loo yesterday or bring the washing in off the line before it rained.

If the Mayans are right, then today is the end of the world.

That’s it. Ka-boom!

Unfortunately there has been no indication of the exact time, which somewhat hinders my outfit choice.

Although if you’re reading this post, then its safe to say we made it through breakfast and out of our Jim Jams.

Which leaves the rest of the day.

So, what exactly does one wear to the end of the world?

Here are my options…

1. Chanel Suit

Plot a precision ram raid on the Chanel store, clad in leather catsuit and grab as many boucle tweed suits, patent camelia flowers, CC strung pearls, enamelled rings and studded ankle booties as I can stuff into an oversized quilted tote. Spend remainder of day in bar such as this, posing for Karl.


2. Dior Ball Gown

Sadly the Sydney Dior boutique is yet to be completed, which somewhat thwarts any ram-raiding. However, I have it on good authority that Vogue recently wrapped shooting the March issue. And there could quite possibly be a big frothy frock hanging about in their HQ’s formidable “closet”. So I’ll be heading over to tap on Eddy McCann’s office door to “borrow” a cup of sugar, the Dior.

Will be found lying prone with champagne in hand in nearest Venetian-esque mansion.


3. Louboutins

In case the world only semi-explodes and leaves half dead zombies roaming the city streets, these are my secret weapons. Guaranteed to make a zombie run for his life. Killer.


What is your ultimate outfit for the end of the world?

Kate xx

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