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Mu-mu’s to go Ga-ga for

A friend is 34 weeks pregnant, and surprise surprise she feels like a grumpy, frumpy blimp.

Apparently the only thing she can wear resembles one of those enormous nylon covers that people put over their cars in the street so the birds don’t poop on them and mess up their glossy duco.

Or a tent.

(image: Camilla buy it here)

We all know that the final weeks of pregnancy are far from glamorous. BUT a tent won’t improve your mood (plus I think the pegs might be a problem).

So, for any soon-to-be Glamour Mamas currently beached on the couch considering shopping at a camping store for something to wrap around your bump… think again.

(image: Embrosia)

Mu-mus and kaftans are a Mamas best friends through the 3rd trimester, into new Mama-hood and beyond because…

1. one size fits all. And they mean it.

2. they’re comfortable

3. colorful wild prints will chase away the narky grumpy hormones.

4. their soft floaty-ness makes you feel super glamorous and fabulous. Especially when you’re not.

 Go for fine fabrics that waft whilst you waddle.

Accessorise with a jeweled thong and layers of necklaces, bangles or oversized cocktail rings.

(image: Camilla buy it here)

Check out my Pinterest board for more Mu-mu inspiration.

Guaranteed to make you Ga-ga…

I love to patter around the patio in mine channeling Talitha Getty.

Where do you wear your kaftans?

Kate xx

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  1. Audrey #

    Totally agree on the benefits of kaftan wearing, Kate. I love mine and the right floaty kaftan can make you feel glamorous without worrying about what you ate for lunch! I picked up a few last year from a fab boutique Lola (or was it Ginger?) at Surin Beach, Phuket. It’s worth the tuk-tuk ride so make note for anyone heading to Phuket. Otherwise, Phylis Boho from Byron is a worthy look on the net.

    December 1, 2012
    • Oooh a Kaftan is definetely a good excuse for a Thailand or Byron trip Audrey! Thanks for the tip.. K

      December 2, 2012

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