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The Jean Shirt

I have become a little obsessed with the Jean Shirt lately.

Check out my inspiration board on Pinterest!

Here’s how to wear it without looking like a factory worker.
The Jean Shirt goes with…

* bright coloured jeans * pastels and florals * white jeans, or white tee * over long maxi dresses or skirts * short full skirts * ball gowns! * denim on denim * tan, camel and beige * diamonds

* studs (the metal hardware not the guy in the Levi 501 ad) * white lace (chunky or delicate) * gold hoop earrings


Wear it…

* tied at the waist in a knot – Elly May Clampett cowgirl style *Buttoned up and tucked in for preppy proper style * unbuttoned like a jacket over a casual tee or singlet * with sleeves rolled up.

I just bought this one online for $34.97
available in light, medium or dark wash

How do you wear your jeans shirt?

Kate xx

(images: Pinterest)

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