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Derby Day Giddy Up

After a luxurious sleep in (no Kiddos, remember?!) and breakfast in bed (don’t hate me, I’ve earned this. 2 yrs!!) it was time to get our gloss on.

And who doesn’t love to dress up?!

Race days are so much fun because…

1. there is alot of champagne

2. celebrities aplenty to spot (often being a bit naughty because of #1)

3. you get to frock up and be a lady (unless to much #1 is consumed)

What I wore: Customised Alex Perry Venusia dress and bespoke black jacket, Suzy O’Rourke Millinery hat, Zara black patent leather peep toe shoes bought in Athens 5 years ago, fuchsia pink patent leather Louis Vuitton “Lexington” handbag.

Here are my tips on how to get your glamour on trackside…

(I forgot most of these this year and paid the price later!)

1. Drink plenty of water between bubbles. And eat a morsel of food between sips.

2. Wear old shoes that are comfy, not brand new spankers unless you want to be declared a late scratching. Pop in a pair of Party Feet for added cushion, they really do help. DO NOT under any circumstances ever take your shoes off. Even if your feet really, really hurt.

3. Take a make up kit for quick repairs and ensure its waterproof. Hot humid weather is not our friend.

4. Always have your camera phone poised and ready to snap a celeb. I literally ran point-blank into Nicole Kidman as she arrived amidst a flurry of paps, but I wasn’t prepared!

5. Have your transport booked and confirmed ahead. Don’t. Get. Stranded. (NB: I heard a rumour that the helicopters only cost $100pp. Consider it booked for next time)

6. Be comfortable (NB: Tulle necklines are itchy and annoying)

7. Always take a jacket option as weather is notoriously schizophrenic at this time of year.

8. DON’T overdo the fake tan! Streaky patchy tandoori Tang is more freak than chic.

9. Nobody wears fascinators anymore. This season, head-wear is all about a small sculpted headpiece or wide-brimmed hat.

What are your plans for Tuesday’s race that stops a nation?

Kate xx

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  1. Kate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just discovered your blog & am very very impressed !!! Go Glamour Mama !!!! xxx

    March 15, 2013
    • Thanks Tina glad you’re enjoying it. I luv your jwls too!! GM

      March 15, 2013

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