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Roadtest: Mobile Hair Service

It’s been 3 months since I had my last hair colour.

I am addicted to good hair.

And I don’t intend to quit because I am a time starved Mama.

I need a colour, cut and blow dry hit quick stix.

This is an emergency!!!

But the logistics of getting to a salon and sitting for 3-4 hours, is about as likely as me being cast as a Victoria’s Secret model.

So I Googled and found  Hair on The Move 2U

Lovely Lyndle was on my doorstep within 24hrs with her bag of tricks…

…and got straight down to business. Despite her morning sickness (poor Glamour Mama to be!). She didn’t even flinch when The Baby got grizzly.

 All in the comfort of my own home, without travel, parking or babysitting issues. AND it cost only $178, can you believe it?!

Before I could say “The Baby is stirring”, my hair was fabulously blond, blow dried and bouncy again.

 I call Lyndle the angel of regrowth mercy.

Bless. Her.

Which mobile services have you used and did you like it?

Kate xx

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  1. Kelly #

    Hello Kate, it’s great that us busy ladies can have a professional hairdresser come to our place with either babies running around or like me, work very long hours. I got introduced to Colin Bond a few years back after hearing his name around town all the time. He worked for Toni & Guy in London and Sydney for over 7 years and then set up Bond personal hairdressing in 2008. Originally for mums with babies, but as you can imagine; his business took off. I used to have long hair until I met Colin. He changed me and the way I felt about my hair. The first cut he took my hair to shoulder length to give me some confidences and then after a few months, I end up getting, ‘Uma Thurman’ from Pulp Fiction and took me from a blonde to dark brown. It’s was the best haircut and colour I had in ages and I haven’t looked back. The great difference I find with having Colin’s business come to my place, he works 8-11pm, he is always punctual, very polite and charming, full of ideas, works with your hair and you.
    He has had articles printed about his business and you can also find him here….
    FB personalhairdresser
    Twitter colinbond007

    I would recommend him anytime.

    Warm regards
    Keely Hartigan.

    February 13, 2013

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