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The Baby’s First Birthday

The Birthday Girl had a runny nose and a cold, but she didn’t let that slow her down!

My little social little butterfly loves a party.

It was a blustery day, but like Pooh Bear clinging to his balloon, I was determined to have an outside birthday party in the sunshine. And I wasn’t about to let a chilly wind stand in my way!

The party table …. in between wind gusts!

The butterfly tablecloth is some old fabric I had hanging around, probably originally from Spotlight. It was about 1m square and I didn’t have time to actually hem it, so I just ironed the raw edges under. Shhhh (I don’t think anyone noticed).

The Party Parlour is my go-to online party supplies store. They have the prettiest assortment of paper plates, cups, tissue pom poms, decorations, cake stands, hard to find chocolate lady bugs and butterflies… in fact if they don’t stock it, you don’t want it.

I’m all about cushioning! The regular ones we use aren’t exactly enchanting, so I wrapped them in 1m squares of fabric that were waiting in my sewing cupboard to be made into frocks. One day. Until that day comes, they have come in very useful for home “events”.

Simply wrap the fabric around an existing cushion (kinda like wrapping a present), and tie the ends in a knot. Or secure with a rubber band like you would a pony tail. Voila!

Birthday baby cupcakes

I love to bake, but this year there was so much going on I outsourced the cake. Which I also did for The Preschoolers first birthday, so I figure they’re even.

Joanne at The Cupcake Room is awesome and makes the prettiest, most scrumptous teeny morsels!

Flowers always make a table look fabulous so I darted into my local florist Jodie McGregor the day before and was in luck! Beautiful peonies (my favorite), fragrant lavender, roses, freshias and hyacinth were aplenty. She also gave me some old stock that she couldn’t sell – which smelled divine and lasted quite a few days.

Balloons away Pooh Bear!

What she wore: A custom Alex Perry silk dupion party dress in shell pink, a patchwork cotton sash that Mama made, Bebe cardi to keep out the chill. And of course her party hat!

Ordinarily I would have fussed a bit more over the decorations, table and food styling and had time to take more photos… except that ordinarily I don’t turn 40 the day before and stay out all night celebrating. We still managed to pull it all together though despite some very sore heads!

Thanks team Glamour Mama (Glamourdadi, my Mum, Dad and BFF) for all your help!

How do you celebrate your Kiddos First Birthdays?

Kate xx

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