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DVF – Lunch with the Godmother of all Glamour Mamas

Today, I had lunch with a living legend.

Well, me and a couple of hundred other Business Chicks.

If you don’t know already, Diane Von Furstenberg is the Godmother of modern women’s fashion.

She invented The Wrap Dress.

And in doing so, single-handedly changed the way we dress. This piece of stretchy cloth liberated and empowered a generation of fashionistas.

These  genius dresses have it all – comfy, stretchy, roll up into your handbag, make you feel svelte on a fat day, hide early pregnant bellies, contour a really swollen pregnant bump, and flatter a post pregnancy paunch. They hug your curves in the right places and skim over the wobbly bits.

In short – they are a must have on the Glamour Mama Wardrobe Essentials list!

I love this colour!

By way of lovely coincidence, The Wrap Dress was born the same year as me – 1972!

And today is the day before my 40th birthday.

DVF is just the tonic I needed before turning the big Four-Oh.

What I Wore… vintage Gucci belt, black Gucci monogrammed canvas handbag, DVF scarf, silk leopard print wrap dress, Zara nude leather peep toe platform heels.

The “most powerful woman in fashion” (say Forbes) strutted in with the jauntiness of the fashion rockstar that she is.

She wore a jersey wrap dress from her current Fall collection. And a black studded leather jacket.

Did I mention she is a 65 year old Grandmother?!

Continental charm positively oozed from every pore, as she regaled us with youthful tales, the rise and fall and rebirth of her success; and inspired with pearly drops of wisdom.

I was mezmirised by the flicking of her henna hair, and hypnotized by her liquid Euro accent. But it was her candid insights, passionate philanthropy and sharp wit (matched only by her cheekbones) that had me enthralled.

Hers is a sexy brand of feminism.

You can read more about Diane’s fascinating and inspiring story here.

no chicks lunch is complete without wine…

… or cupcakes

I now officially have a sister crush.

How many wrap dresses do you own?

Kate xx

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