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The Ultimate Sausage Roll – Bake it!

Martha is baking up a frenzy!

It wouldn’t be a party at our house without my famous Pork & Fennel Sausage Rolls.

In fact, I have to make an extra batch just for Glamourdadi and the Kiddos or else there’d be none left for guests.

I am harassed into baking them for every occasion, and always get asked for the recipe.

So here it is!

I wish I had invented it (much like Post-Its) , but the truth is I just Googled.

You can find it online here.

If you have a Thermomix, then throw the onion, garlic and fennel into the bowl and chop on Speed 7 for 5 seconds.

Add the oil and saute on Varoma for 5 minutes till fennel is soft.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

TIP: I couldn’t be fanged using piping bag as the recipe suggests. I just roll out the filling and mould them into sausage like logs.

TIP: When rolling, use the blue plastic film the pastry comes on to help roll it snugly.

Yes, I am aware they look like turds at this point.

(Did I just say “turd” on my blog? Yup.

Well, we’re immune to toilet talk, right?!)

TIP: Each pastry roll should make 7 small pieces when cut

TIP: This is a good time to enlist the help of your favorite Preschooler. Have them whisk the egg wash…

… and then paint it on!

I forgot to sprinkle on the fennel seeds today, but the Kiddos usually just pick them off anyway!

Happy baking!

What party recipes are you always asked for?

Kate xx

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