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Kids Party Food… Mini Quiches. Bake it!

Project #2 during Party Week is… Baking The Mini Quiche!

This is another Preschooler friendly activity if you don’t mind getting a bit messy and having things take a bit longer (what doesn’t when there’s Kiddos around?!)

My Mum made these quiches when my sister and I were kids and she still makes them today.

Well, except this week when I’m on quiche duty!

I make them for just about every kids party, picnic, hiking or drinks party. They’re bite sized taste explosions. Delicious with a capital YUM.

They’re also pretty healthy, super easy to make, make ahead, freeze-able, and best of all the recipe is flexible.

I don’t use exact measurements so there’s lots of chucking in and free-styling.

Here’s how I made today’s batch…

1. The Prep

These quiches can be quick and easy to make if you get it all ready first.

Pre heat oven to 200 degrees

Spray 36 hole mini cupcake tin with spray oil and set aside.

Take the Puff Pastry (I use the Reduced Fat one) out of freezer to partially defrost.

If you also keep your grated tasty cheese in the freezer like me, take it out now too and put a few handfuls in a bowl to defrost whilst you get on with the rest.

1 packet bacon rashers

Finely dice and fry bacon in skillet on stove top till crunchy.

Drain off excess oil on paper towel and set aside.

2. Form the Pastry Shells

Work with one sheet of pastry at a time to keep it cold. If pastry becomes to warm it will be difficult to work with. Martha Stewart always says the rule for pastry success is “hot oven, cold pastry”. I don’t argue with Martha. Martha rules.

Cut each sheet into 9 squares (that’s 3 sections across each way). Push each square into the tin holes, moulding, pinching and pleating as you go. I try to shape the overhang upward as they look pretty and won’t touch the next one when they puff up in the oven. Work quickly! This is the only time consuming part of the process and The Preschooler got a bit bored after about 5 holes.

* TIP: Be sure you have enough extra pastry to keep The Kiddo busy whilst you mould away!

3. Make the Egg Mixture

6 Eggs (makes enough mixture to fill a 36 hole mini cupcake tin)

Dash of Milk (you could use cream if you prefer a richer taste). Don’t be overzealous with your dash-ing as it will make them mixture too watery

Couple of shakes of ground nutmeg

Pepper to taste

Have the Preschooler crack the eggs then whisk it all together. They love this bit! Just be sure to lay a drop sheet over the entire splatter zone, and be ready to de-shell the mixture!

4. Fill the shells

Give mixture a stir just before pouring if you get interrupted with for a Preschooler toilet run, like I did today. The seasoning will all sink to the bottom otherwise.

* TIP: put mixture into a pouring jug. This makes it easier to pour into the tin without making a mess.

Fill each shell almost to the top, and be careful not to overfill!

Here’s another bit for The Preschooler – sprinkle bacon and cheese over the top of each quiche. Don’t be stingy. More is more!!

5. Bake in Oven

For approx 20-25mins depending on your oven.  They turn out like this, puffed up golden orbs promising plentiful abundance!

Leave them to cool in the tins.

6. Freeze Ahead

If you’re more organised than me, you would makes these weeks in advance and freeze them. I put mine in a big plastic container lined with baking paper until the Big Day. Just remember to take them out the night before to defrost in the fridge.

Simply warm in a moderate 150 oven before serving.

* TIP – get creative with different flavor fillings! Today I also did a vegetarian option with mushroom, goats cheese and thyme. But you could also try whatever takes your fancy.

* TIP – If the fuss of mucking around with pastry could tip you over the edge and send you into an assylum, then go without. Mum makes hers without pastry, although I can’t for the life of me ever prise them out of the tins without destroying them.  Plus, I think the pastry ones have more wow factor!

* TIP – if you’re making large quantities, get a production line going between 2 tins. Bake one tin in the oven, whilst prepping the next one.  Just keep whisking up egg mixture as needed. Don’t try to cheat and cook a second tray on the lower oven rack – the pastry won’t be puffy, crispy and golden. (Trust me, I tried, but all I got was a soggy mess).

Happy baking!

What trusty family favorites do you wheel out for every party?

Kate xx

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