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Kids Party Craft – Butterfly Lanterns – Do it!

We are celebrating The Baby’s First Birthday on the weekend and I’ve cranked up into full Martha Stewart mode!

Project #1. Decorations.

The theme is “Enchanted Garden Party” so of course there are butterflies.

Off to Spotlight we went this morning to buy a stash of colourful, fluttery, feathered and jeweled beauties. I already had a bunch of white paper lanterns leftover from my cousins wedding a few years ago, but you can buy them at Chinatown or most discount stores.

A bit of double sided tape, some eager The Preschooler hands – and voila!

Just stick the butterflies in the general direction and you have instant, easy and mess free party decorations. They are a bit fiddly to stick the tape on so I did this tedious bit, and The Preschooler did the fun sticking bit. She was so thrilled with her handiwork!

They are now hanging on the clothesline in my laundry awaiting their final hanging place.

I just hope I don’t awake tomorrow to a floor full of dead insects.

What quick and easy decs do you make for your kids parties?

Kate xx

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