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Glamour Mama takes a Hike

Now, its a well known fact that this Glamour Mama does.not. do. nature.

This includes (but is not limited to) all kinds of wildlife, bushwalking, camping and 4WDriving.

I’m only recently getting my head around the concept of bifold doors at home, and having to contend with “the outside” (leaves, dirt, birds and other creatures), coming in.

My previous hiking experience involved a brief stint in the Daintree Rainforest some 20 years ago, that saw me wearing what can only be termed as “disco sandals” on my feet.

No Blundstones or Birkenstocks for me, oh no no! Practicality has never been my strong suit…

But today I, errr, turned over a new leaf.

Blame it on the kiddos, who for some reason seem to enjoy running about in the bush, getting sweaty without the burden of carrying a backpack or worrying about snakes. (I did plenty of all the above for the record!)

We borrowed an infant backpack to carry The Baby, packed a lunch and off we went. Into the wilderness. Armed with enough food to last the night should we get lost, a spare phone battery in case we got lost, warm clothes in case we got lost and a real actual hard-copy map. In case we got lost.

I packed the Swiss army knife too, so we could start a fire or whatever you’re supposed to do. In the event we got lost.

And so today, I went hiking in the bush.

Well, in truth, stumbling after 3 excited Preschoolers can’t really be called “hiking”. And a small headland around Sydney’s northern harbor suburbs probably doesn’t qualify as “bush”.

The cafe at the end of the access road put rest to any fears about using the Swiss army knife in any case.

This is my kind of hiking. Glamour Mama hiking. The kind you can get a soy latte at the end of.

It made me realise two things.

1. I don’t own any appropriate bushwalking clothing. Not even a pair of cargo shorts.

2. Hiking can be fun

So what did I wear?

My neon sherbety Tang coloured jeans (in case we got lost the helicoptors could spot us)

A glam-o-flage tee (in case we got lost I would blend in and the wildlife wouldn’t attack)

My old training sneakers (because I didn’t want to get my new ones dirty)

Faded baseball cap (for that casual slouchy “I do this all the time” look)

A real deal proper hikers backpack (I know this because we bought it from one of those outdoorsy places, from a weather-beaten person whom had most likely never used sunscreen)

And I clutched my IPhone the entire time. In case we needed to call the SES.

If you’re not a big bushwalker like me, and you’re ever in Sydney at a loose end with a Kiddo, then give this hike a go.

Balls Head is literally 5 minutes from North Sydney train station, its a super easy walking trail for Kiddos with plenty of places to stop, rest, eat and get a soy latte.

With breathtaking views like this…


We had a ball at Balls Point!

If I enjoyed it, anyone can.

Kate xx

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