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Hair Colour that’s just Peachy

Oops, I changed my hair colour!
It happened kinda by accident.
I mean, it wasn’t obsessed with itĀ for weeks.
It was a spur of the moment kind of decision.
The kind of decision that had been apparently ticking away in the back of my mind, virtually unnoticed as I went about my dailies.
It seems my subconscious was plotting a makeover whilst I did the dishes and wiped runny noses.
This was normally the kid of decision I would agonize over weeks… you know the one… “should I? shouldn’t I?”, quizzing all I came into contact with, researching celebrity pics, assessing different shades against my skin. Considering make up and wardrobe changes required.
But I didn’t do any of that.
I just shut my eyes and went with it.
And the surrender was delicious.
3 hours later I looked like this…
Who is this Glamour Mama?!
I think I’m going to like her…
Have you ever bungee jumped your way into a new hair colour or style?
I’d love to hear about it…
Kate xx
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