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How to Wear Neon… Without looking like a pack of Hilighters

image credit: shefinds
I got my first new season fashion rush today.
Walking past the stores at my local shopping mall, windows beckoned with their new flush of Spring deliveries.
Well, in most cases, they blinded me with fluro yellow, acid lime and tangy tangerine.
So just how do you wear Neon, the hottest trend of Summer…  without looking like a road worker in a reflective safety vest?
Don’t get mistaken for the lollipop lady at the school crossing.
Follow my tips for glow stick Glamour…
* Hands up if you wore a fluro “Go-Go” top in the 80’s? Then save the tutti frutti popsicle colour blocking of Neon for the kids. Wear only one Neon item at a time. Like doughnuts, less is more.
* wear Neon against neutrals and watch it pop – pair back with white, beige, taupe, stone grey or black, for grown up glamour.
* choose the type of Neon carefully to compliment your skin tone. Or wear the Neon away from your face.
* Neon has a futuristic sport luxe vibe, so keep the shapes simple and styling uncluttered. Minimalism is the key to making Neon work.
* ground Neon with natural leather accessories belts, sandals and handbag for casual chic. Or add a touch of matt gold to amp up the glamour factor.
* if you’re not ready to be blinded by the light, a little accessory goes a long way. Look for Neon coloured satchel bags, watches, cuffs, necklaces, earrings, belts, shoes and nail varnish.
* Keep hair simple and straight, slicked into a pony or neat bun and makeup fresh faced with a strong strawberry red lip.
When was the last time you wore this much zingy colour?
Will you be braving the Neon trend?
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