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My 12 Week Body Transformation… starts now

Well, I did it.
I joined up for Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation – or 12WBT.
And I start tomorrow. Lordy knows my body, mind and spirit all need it!
So does the checkout chick whom asked me innocently last week “when is your Baby due?”
She. is. seven. months. old.
It’s time.
I kinda joined only vaguely aware that it was a pretty full on commitment, and figured I could fudge my way through it. As I started to explore the menu plans, shopping list, pre-season tasks (yes there is homework!),  my stomach lurched.
And the realisation dawned… there are no. excuses. allowed. here.
Have I bitten off more than I can chew? Again?? Well that’s the reason I’m in this shape actually! Ahem.
I get the feeling that this is gonna be no cakewalk. * coughs*
So, not being shy of a challenge, I’ve jumped in boots and all.
And I’ve surprised myself already by really being really excited. Yes, thats what I said… excited! About diet and excercise!! Who woulda thunk it. I’ve been getting into ticking off the pre season tasks (did I mention I love a list?). I even did the fitness test with gusto. And if there was ever any doubt that I needed this, my tragically unfit results sealed the deal.
Then, I got on the forum and posted my commitment to myself… in front of Mish, God(dess) and well, everyone! Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not really into team sports (of any kind), but the spirit of mates cheering each other on, really does help me think “yes I can”!
 The shopping list has been ordered online. The recipes and menu plans have been printed. I’ve been to Rebel and got some hand weights. I didnt suck in my gut when I took my body measurements. I’ve even posed willingly (if somewhat untantalisingly) for my “before” photo. (I’ll spare you from that visual image peeps).
I’ve dunked my last Tim Tam in the hot chocky.
And my gym gear is laid out in anticipation of its maiden voyage, in approximately 7 hours.
Now all I have to do is GET UP at some ongodly hour.
Which I can, and do do several times per night, as most Glamour Mamas do. Trick will be staying up, getting dressed then actually excercising.
I’m feeling like the night before the first day of school… nervous excitement butterflying around my wobbly tummy.
Crossing my fingers and toes the little lions sleep tonight…
image credit: Zimmerman
Rockin bikini bod here I come!!
Kate xx
How do you get motivated to excercise and eat well?
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