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I have a confession to make. I have been wearing my maternity jeans when I’m NOT pregnant. The Baby turned 7 months old yesterday. I’m not sure what the cut off should have been, but lets just agree that I’ve been wearing them waaay longer than I should have.
My main¬†excuse is, well, my fave maternity jeans were just so comfy. That and… (here comes the real reason) who wants to try on new jeans whilst lugging around the extra 15kgs of post baby cellulite?
Not me.
And not my thighs.
Jeans shopping fills me with dread at the best of times.
Right now though, I would rather naw my right arm off than cram my ample ass into some indigo ego busters.
Today however, I was passing by Jeanswest, Baby AND Toddler free (a rare moment). Blame it on the child free euphoria, but before my brain could register what I was doing, in I marched.
Seeing as though I’ll be a size 8 by Summer (ahem), cheap and cheery is the solution for now. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on designer denim I’ll only wear for a few months, so Jeanswest really fits the bill. That and the brand is home to my much loved maternity jeans, so it made the separation anxiety much less traumatic.
I adopted my famed “smash n grab” technique. Basically you look purposeful, expertly scan the racks like you know what you’re looking for and comandeer the most switched on looking sales person. Then you give him/ her VERY specific instructions – hate bootleg, don’t normally wear stretch, love dark denim, waistband not too low not too high, no muffin top or council workers crack please. Oh and don’t forget “must make me look 2 sizes smaller”. Then, emphasize the need to be in and out of the fitting room on Olympic timing. Quick stix!
So with the stop watch running, the animated, friendly and helpful Jade did two things… 1. She listened, and 2. Nailed it on the second pair. Hurrah!! She was truly fantastic and has wholeheartedly revived my opinion retail sales staff (or as I like to call them – The Reason Retail Is Suffering)
I went for the Super Skinny (yes the irony wasn’t lost on my so-not thighs either) dark wash. The¬†fabric is taut and forgiving, and the waistband magically flattens the tummy somehow. Genius. All for just over a hundred bucks!
They felt so good, I had Jade cut the tags off in the fitting room so I could wear them right then and there.
Love them. I do feel super skinny and have a new wiggle on my step. The whole process really was easy peasy surprisingly. And no arm nawing required.
Its amazing how envigorating the right pair of jeans are to a Mama!
As Glamour Mama Chloe Maxwell used to say – “Jeanswest, fits best!”
What are your favorite post-baby jeans and where did you buy them?
Kate xx
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