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Mercedes Australian Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012/13 Report

The editors have packed away their dark shades for another season, designers can now get a little sleep and podiatrists rub their hands with glee as fashionistas around the country rest their heels for a bit.
The 5 day frock fest that is Mercedes Australian Fashion Week has ended for another year.
So, just what was that flurry of frocks all about?
That, my friends, was a preview of Summer fashion to look forward to, come August when stores take delivery.
What exactly did we see on the runway? And what does it mean for us Mamas?
Here are the trends that will put a spring in your step.
If you only invest in one new piece next season, make sure it involves one of the following…
5 Key Fashion Trends, Filtered for Mamas
1. The Peplum
What is it?
It’s a circular ruffle that flares over the hip to create an illusion of a smaller waist (cheer!), by creating an illusion of a fuller hip.
Best bit is, The Peplum hides Mama Tums and Muffin Tops (double cheer!)

Lisa Ho

By Johnny

2. Print Mash Up
Ok, so the overall effect is a little “kindy art teacher gone mad”. But clashing prints of the “dressed by my 3 year old” nature will be everywhere this Summer.
Getting dressed before our morning coffee never looked so good for us Mamas!

Jenny Kee



3. Not so Mellow Yellow
Not just Tweetie or Big Bird, nor even old/ new/ old Wiggle yellow… its ACID baby.

Magdalena Velevska

4. White
We all know that Mamas of Toddlers don’t wear white. One word – VEGEMITE. Kryptonite to white outfits. However, lets all take a collective sigh and dream about the say we will again frolick in a sheer white frock during a hot Summer.

White hot at Bec and Bridge

5. Faded Chambray Denim
Which trend will have you running to the stores this Summer?
Kate xx
Image credits: Lucas Dawson
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