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Date Night Wardrobe. Crisis Averted.

 Today, Glamourdadi and I had a day out. Just the two of us.
The first since our nearly 6month old was born. Well, by “day” I mean about 6 hours at the Races.
No screaming, no juggling, no feeding, no nappies, no vomit, no rocking, no shhhing, no big bag to lug around full of everything we might need “just in case”.
Just my teeny LV patent leather monogrammed clutch small enough to carry only a lipstick, house keys, phone and cash.
I wore a great frock. Super high heels, a full face of make up, and even brushed my hair for the occasion. There was a swish invite-only tent (but you’re supposed to call them marquees) and free flowing French champagne. And Glamourdadi glossed up too, looking sharp in his suit (don’t we love it when he rocks a suit?!)
We felt like a real, loved up couple, minus the vegemite smudges and baby puke.
I didn’t check my phone every other second, I remembered to take photos and my boobs didn’t explode from missed feeds.
We laughed, saw old friends and made some new ones.
I caught a glimpse of my old carefree self for a moment and boy had I missed her! 
I won’t kid you though, I was a little stressed out in the lead up. I mean, it had been aaaages since we’d been out together properly. You know, just as grown ups. In public. With other grown ups. Away from the sandpit where conversation didn’t centre around potties and the only naughty corner was next to the bar. Could I still be that fabulous witty social butterfly I thought I once was?
After spending the best part of three years in a baby bubble, the ole fashion radar felt a bit wonky. Do people still wear black and white to Derby Day? What IS the current hat trend? Is it wrong to wear a frock that is from two last seasons ago?! And will I be arrested by the fashion police for wearing an orangey red lip with a gloss finish rather than this seasons prescribed matt (because I bought the new matt finish one and dammit I can’t find it ANYWHERE. In fact this caused a major meltdown and almost forced a last minute stay at home.)
And did I care about any of this once the first glass of Moet hit my glossed lips? Nope.
What I DO know after today, are these 5 sure fire ways to Giddy up your style stakes on date night… 
1. Body Shapers really do make you look one size smaller, smooth out the bumps and make you feel bullet proof. My butt and thighs had their jiggle factor almost eliminated!
These are my favorites buy them here
2. Your most loved highest heels make you strut like you own the runway.
Always did, still do.
Walking in heels is like riding a bike – it all comes back to you.
Guiseppe Zanotti in classic black & white is perfect for Derby Day… love a splash of acid colour and leopard trim wow!
Buy them here
 3. A fabulous frock is a fabulous frock. No one cares if it’s two seasons old, because fabulous frocks are timeless.
Mad Men style fabulous frocks with a fullish skirt also hide post- baby tummies and wide child bearing hips fabulously.
Alex Perry Summer 2010. Buy something fabulous this season here
 4. Breastfeeding cleavage that increases during the day or evening is sensational – make the most of “the girls” before they deflate.
5. It makes you feel good to brush your hair and slap on a face. I am still staring at photos, loving myself sick, wondering who this Glamour Mama is!! Make the effort, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
This metamorphosis had an even greater effect on Glamourdadi.
He loved seeing me all gussied up, not covered in goop and feeling good about myself.
Dressing up DOES make us feel about ourselves. 
I for one am going to remember to do make the effort more often.
When was your last date night/ day?
I’d love to hear how you go about making the transformation.
Kate xx
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