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Low Glamour Factor Perk-me-Up

My Glamour Factor is registering waaay down the scale today.
I cancelled my hair appointment – that would have ironically increased the Glamour Factor significantly – because I frankly wasn’t up to baring the banal banter.
Nor was I up to putting together an outfit for the salon experience.
Lack of sleep will do that to a Glamour Mama.
You know those days??! Yup, thought so.
The best look I could manage today involves an old faithful daggy summer dress. By 10am I was already sick of myself, so I popped on an armful of bangles and they’ve cheered me up no end!
I love chunky resin bangles, the more the merrier.
They add instant style to any ole outfit, and make a happy clunk-jingle noise! Yay!!
These ones are tortoiseshell and gold metal from Colette accessories.
What’s your fave accessory to perk up a low Glamour Factor day?
Kate xx
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