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3 Apps that will Organise your Wardrobe

I’ve just discovered the addiction of apps.
Duh, I know, I know I’m a little late on the uptake but I have been in Baby Bubble.
And Before Baby (BB) I was a Blackberry devotee. I also hate change so I clung to the Blackberry like last seasons favorite shoe. Even though the heel was suddenly all wrong and the shape no longer works.
Eventually, lured by the great camera, I switched over to iPhone.
And I’ve never looked back.
Enter the app.
This event occurred simultaneously with my yearly wardrobe cleanout. And in the name of procrastination, I discovered that we can now cyber arrange our wardrobes without actually physically doing it.
Remember that scene in Clueless where Alicia Silverstone’s character had a computerised revolving wardrobe with each outfit styled, photographed and catalogued? And we all oohed and aahed and wished we had one?? Well finally technology has caught up with Hollywood!
So I’ve been roadtesting a few. In the name of research of course.
Here are my favorite FREE apps for organising your wardrobe, styling outfits, and – yes people – shopping!They could change your life.
Closet Lite
I like this one because it categorises outfits into Casual, Formal and Work. It also saves each item by “top, pant, shoe, accessory”. But there is no category for “Dress”. Obviously designed by blokes (for blokes?) Oh well, we’ll just put the Dresses with the Tops. But you can mark favorite outfits AND there is a great Packing List feature that makes it the perfect travel companion.
Wardrobe Assistant
Wardrobe Assistant is a good basic organiser. You can create your own”wardrobe” categories such as “playground”, write notes and create a wishlist. You can also share with your friends via email to ask them “does my bum look big in this?”.
Stylish Girl
This one is my fave. Why?
Because. It. HELPS. You. SHOP!
Simply photograph each “item” of clothing, look inside your “closet”, put together an “outfit”, plan it into the “Calender”. Then, if you suddenly realise the outfit would look better with a belt, visit the “Fashion Mall” and BUY IT! Genius. There is also a Sales area featuring discounted products and a Lounge where you hang out and get inspired by fab outfits, stylist tips and a blog.

I did find the palarva of photographing each item of clothing I wanted to imput a tad tedious. But once I found the right angle and best way to flat lay the garments on the floor in good light – I got pretty quick at it. And this time consuming process DID help me clean out my closet.
The rule became… if I couldn’t be bothered to photograph it, then it wasn’t worth keeping! Ruthless rule!! I’ve only entered the few items I currently have on rotation (ie the things that fit me, which pretty much narrows it down), but already its become clear to me that I have too many tops, not enough bottoms and don’t have any dresses that fit.
And it’s essential to know what you’ve got in order to figure out what you need in order to shop wisely, Glamour Mamas!

I am already feeling very virtuous and on the road to organisation… although I’m wondering if there is an app that can pick up the big pile of clothes on my bedroom floor and drop them off of Vinnies?!
‘Cause THAT would be a really big help.

What are your favorite apps? And what do they help you avoid doing?
Kate xx
Image credit: screen grabs of Apple Store site and Apps taken on my iPhone.

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